september 2019

Gentlemen, we have a dead heat. The two protagonists hit the wire at exactly the same time and could not be separated, even with the use of technology.

One Reynold Ngobese had led the early charge and stayed at the top for so long that all and sundry believed that the fat lady had already belted out a Puccini classic. You could even dust off the inimitable Verdi if you so wish. But alas, his great nemesis Azwi Khampha would not let him rest, or admit defeat. He threw in game after game (including Friday and Saturday games as well) to mesmerise and confuse the enemy, eventually getting the better of him as the sun began to set on the quarter.

But a great thoroughbred had been watching proceedings from winter hibernation with a keen eye, and enough fire was put in him to dust off the irons and give it one more tilt. Put a horse-racing spin on this quarter’s proceedings, for there is no other way, one does not have to far to recall great champions in the annals of South African horseracing. You could recall the greats like the speed machine that was Empress Club, Pocket Power, El Picha, Teal (the little horse that never gave up), but you can’t like much further than the giant thundering beauty that was London News if you are looking at this quarter’s finish. When this giant was on, no one could go toe to toe with him. Now, in just seven starts for the quarter, young Mindlos stormed from the back of the whole group and charged strongly up on the outside, in the process laughing off the beast that is Gary Player Country Club with a pair of 32 pointers, broke the back of Wanderers and then tamed the shrew that is Firethorn.


Azwi looked up just as the wire loomed, and was nearly overrun by the great champion that is young Mindlos. Luckily the captain did not blink. Or was this charge more in the mould of Tommy Hotspur than the great London News?  They say a swing and game does not get more ugly than when the young ex-champion is on the hunt, to the extend that even the reigning champion Tebogo Mokale after watching the show for 18 holes at Sun City threw in his lot and admitted defeat.


A hush descended over all and sundry as the curtain for the quarter fell, and they tried to make out exactly who the winner will be. In the end there was nothing to separate the two and they both stand on the podium as worthy champions, both on 200 points. Congratulations to you Captain Mbedzi as well as wena Dingiswayo. It is an honour to walk the fairways with you every other week gentlemen and you continue to be examples to all of us. May this form continue well into the Chairman’s Cup.


Ngobs there is no shame in finishing 3rd behind these two worthy winners (194 points), esp after taking Q2. We know you will be on the early charge as the gates for Q4 are flung open. Mokale in 4th position (191 points), you gave it a good late go but it was not to be. The gates of Q4 beckon for you and the rest of the membership to show what they are made of. The two pretenders that are tied for 5th place are also invited to turn up for Q4.


Happy golfing.